Transforming Vineyard Field Operations

How Pandolfi-Price Used Eskuad to Reduce Field Operations Costs by 30 Percent!

Company Overview

Pandolfi Price is a world-class organic winery located in Santa Inés in southern Chile. Established in 2002, Pandolfi Price produces artisanal wines hand-harvested with minimal intervention. Dedicated to sustainable viticulture, Pandolfi Price integrates a mix of stewardship practices including, water conservation technology and solar energy to decrease its carbon footprint.

The Case

The Challenge

Life in the field is never easy. This is especially true for natural resource companies with field teams operating in extreme conditions due to distance, climate and connectivity. All of these take a toll on operational efficiency— especially data collection and report generation. 

Since 2002, Pandolfi Price has used paper records to track its fieldwork operations. The lack of a digital platform to capture information in real-time and run reports has limited the ability to improve the company’s overall productivity, measure inventory, and control machinery fuel costs.

In addition, lost paperwork due to weather conditions also made it difficult to keep track of future machinery maintenance, prevent failures, monitor fieldwork, and streamline employee payroll payments.

The Solution

Eskuad’s mobile app let Pandolfi Price reliably capture and expand the range of data needed immediately, eliminating lost paperwork and creating historical records which facilitated better decision-making, improving the [overall] real-time management of the vineyards.

Since implementing Eskuad, Pandolfi Price is experiencing:

1. A 66.7% savings in filing forms and entering data into reports.

2. A 6.6% savings in person-hours related to machinery and the field activities. Equivalent to $80/month (they pay 3 licenses / month)

3.  A 1% savings in Diesel. Equivalent to $153/year.

4.  A 73.4% reduction in detention times due to machinery failure.

5. A 22% reduction in machinery maintenance work (thanks to Eskuad, they know what machines have issues and are worth replacing).

“Eskuad is a very user-friendly system. Having this system for collecting data and reports in an organized and easy-to-understand way is helpful in stressful times. It provides me with good information about the work carried out in the field. Whenever I use it, I can log in without any problems.”

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