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How Lopmann used Eskuad to cut data entry time in half!

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Company Overview

Lopmann is a small company, based in Santiago, Chile, that provides advisory services in Formwork and Scaffolding Management to the construction industry. They assist their clients to efficiently manage their teams and equipment while reducing potential loss and damages. 

They were interested in Eskuad as a way to digitize their field visits, and provide professional reports to clients.Their biggest problem was a lack of a standardized format and tool for their field visits and, thus delaying the timing of reports to clients. 

The Challenge

  • Laging Operational Efficiency
  • Slow Data Collection and Report Generation
  • Lost data due to paper forms
  • Delayed schedules
  • Backlog in Daily Reports
  • Document Organization

Life in the field is never easy. This is especially true for natural resource companies with field teams operating in extreme conditions due to distance, climate and connectivity. All of these take a toll on operational efficiency— especially data collection and report generation. 

Lopmann’s field operations have had to rely heavily on paper-based workflows. The reliance on these paper based processes to track its field visits limited its ability to improve the team's operational efficiency. Not to mention problems such as regular delays in collecting reports from the various visits, and occasional paperwork errors.

The lack of a digital platform to capture information digitally in the field and generate reports quickly limited the company’s ability to provide real-time updates to clients, and help them perform accurate equipment inventory management, compliance checks, and limit damages/losses.

The Solution

Eskuad’s platform transformed Lopmanns field reporting capabilities, and simplified all their paperwork. Now the team saves a lot of time collecting and reporting data, while their clients are able to receive updates faster.  
They use the following Eskuad features as a part of their new workflow to optimize their operations. 
  • Photographic endorsements
  • Instant Report Generation
  • Crew and Project Management
  • Custom Forms

Now after implementing Eskuad it has helped them:

  • Professionalize their reports
  • Increase the speed and quality of report delivery
  • Provide up to date info for each site evaluation
  • Easily create, customize, and use digital forms

During field visits, data entry has become much easier, really optimizing the time they spend at each site. They have cut the time taken to do data entry from 50 min to 30 min per day. After each visit, they no longer have to continue working on the creation of reports, since they are generated automatically. 

The combination of these two activities has reduced the total time spend doing data entry and report generation by 50% overall, for a savings of 22.5 hours per month.


50% time reduction

in data entry and report generation


22.5 hours saved

total per month

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