Many Problems, One Solution

Eskuad provides a powerful, flexible, intuitive interface for teams of all sizes collecting data in the field. Our data gathering platform works for teams of all sizes, helping you to generate reports with ease even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

With Eskuad you can manage teams and their tasks in the field. As data is collected reports are generated automatically according to your needs, delivering them in time through an opportunistic synchronization.

We provide a robust platform with features that allow you to not depend on being continuously connected.


It is our mission to help teams without access to traditional communication networks save time and resources by providing access to our platform anywhere and anytime.

Increased productivity

Increase your company's productivity by connecting all your field operations

We design all of our platform features to be the technological support of every worker and team in the field and help them accomplish every task.

Save time and money

You can have cost-control field operations, saving time and money

We boost your strategic processes in the field by eliminating rework, automating the reporting process, and improving access to key data to make decisions.

Share data API

Keep field data connected with any  software if necessary

Our platform can share field operations data gathered, with any software or system in your company. Eskuad is an easy-to-use digital transformation tool.

Works offline

Works offline with opportunistic sync

Flexible setup

Adaptable setup for data gathering

Custom reporting

Flexible custom-made reports

No reworks

Team tasks managed on time

Process Automated

Field task flow automated

Cloud Storage 24_7

Information available 24/7

Constant training

Onboarding process guided

User Friendly

Easy to use cross-platform

Quick implemantation

Simple and quick implementation

Consumer Success Especialists

Support for the best performance

Users certifications

Measurable field team efficiency

Mejora en calidad de vida

Team morale improvement