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Track your work without losing information

  • Tired of spending time writing everything by hand?

  • Do you lose information from your daily work in the field?

  • Do you work in places where the telephone or internet signal does not work?
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We help field operators save time and resources, even while disconnected.

Save time and create more unforgettable moments.

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We provide a robust platform with features that allow you to not depend on being continuously connected.


It is our mission to help teams without access to traditional communication networks save time and resources by providing access to our platform anywhere and anytime.

Save time and money

You can save time and money

Mejora en calidad de vida

Less time doing work reports

Increased productivity

Increase your productivity

Quick implemantation

Easy and ready to use

Works offline

Works offline with opportunistic sync

Cloud Storage 24_7

Information available 24/7


Why our customer love us

“Eskuad is easy to use for our whole team and has become our most valuable tool for field operations. It helped us eliminate paper, digitize our data, and reduce transcription errors. We also use it to measure and manage employee productivity, data quality, and the safety of our field operators.”

“Eskuad is a very user-friendly system. Having this system for collecting data and reports in an organized and easy-to-understand way is helpful in stressful times. It provides me with good information about the work carried out in the field. Whenever I use it, I can log in without any problems.”

“Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and allowed us to send information to our clients on time. It has allowed our field crew to reduce their reporting and processing time by 2/3 so they can spend their time focusing on the job instead, improving their productivity and mood.”

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