Digitizing Off Shore Aquaculture Operations

How Badinotti Chile used Eskuad to get real-time updates from offshore operations !


Company Overview

Milan-based Badinotti Group has manufactured nets for the aquaculture and fishing industries for more than a century. In 2001, Badinotti expanded operations to the city of Puerto Montt, Chile, establishing itself as the leading manufacturer of nets in South America.

Dedicated to incorporating the best environmental and technological practices available, Badinotti provides clients with environmentally-responsible containment solutions that protect ocean animals and reduce by-catch, while providing superior client service and employee development.

The Challenge

  • Advance Crew Preparation
  • Poor Connectivity
  • Backlog in Daily Reports
  • Document Organization
  • Field Crew Duplication
  • Fleet Managment

Life in the field is never easy. This is especially true for natural resource companies with field teams operating in extreme conditions due to distance, climate and connectivity. All of these take a toll on operational efficiency— especially data collection and report generation. 

Crew members are on board for about 25 days, and during that time they must record their daily progress and work, where reports are then generated to be delivered to the clients. Poor communication signals at sea typically create a backlog on average of 250 daily reports from a fleet of 10 vessels that need to be transcribed and compiled prior to generating monthly client reports. This delays decision-making and providing client updates.

Clients request regular updates and reports of the boats. While out at sea different methods of communication were tested such as WhatsApp and Email, along with the paper records they kept. However due to the limited infrastructure, these updates would regularly get lost and corrupted. 

The admin team would wait for the data to generate reports, make decisions, and update clients. However, they were rarely able to do so in a timely manner. Decision-making is usually very slow due to the limited communication that exists during the tasks.

A number of key shipping documents—related to freight, fleet creation, contracts, risk prevention, and logistics—for each vessel and 120 crew members also need curation and kept up to date prior to departure.
Missing or out-of-date documents generate significant work delays and fines representing a loss of $1,500 per vessel each day documents are in non-compliance.

The Solution


Eskuad’s platform transformed Badinotti’s document management capabilities for its entire crew, and simplified overall team organization and work. Now crews are updated in real-time on
operational next steps before commencing field tasks which prevents accidental issues any unforeseen event and keeping all field data updated.

They use the following Eskuad features as a part of their new workflow to optimize their operations. 

  • Digitize their daily forms
  • Offline app operation
  • Instant Report Creation
  • App based HR Panel
  • Fleet documentation storage 
  • Crew management
  • Photographic backups
  • Numerical records

Being able to work without an internet connection far away from the mainland and being able to receive all the information as quickly as possible is one of the greatest benefits that Eskuad has provided.

Now after implementing Eskuad it has helped them:

  • Easily customize and use forms
  • Integrate data across departments
  • Easily keep all personnel information up to date
  • Improve maintenance to the vessels
  • Significantly improved trip/crew logistics and reduced losses due to delays and fines

Once crew members leave, Eskuad allows Badinotti to analyze all the variables that influence operations and automatically generate reports. This eliminates the double workload of data entry and analysis, reducing delivery times from 25 days to 1 day, and increasing productivity around report generation up to 20 times.

100% reduction-1

100% reduction

In transcription of 250 daily reports

Group 1

1 Centralized System

For organizing crew documents and sending real time automated alerts


42 fewer monthly hours 

Dedicated to transcribing data

Crew formation

14 day advancement

In crew formation and organization


$1,500 saved per day

in potential fines prevented

Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and has made it easier to send information to our clients on time. Our field crews have reduced their reporting and processing time by 66% and have reported huge improvements in their productivity and mood.

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