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Arauco is a world-class Chilean company improving people’s lives by developing forest products that tackle sustainability challenges.

Their work spans the entire forestry value chain by making full and sustainable use of natural resources. They produce a wide variety of quality products available in over 80 countries worldwide.

Arauco used Eskuad since 2017.


faster information available

By automating data gathering from field operations and daily reports, field operations improved each productivity KPI.


of the working day saved

Equivalent to the elimination of 2 hours per day on average per worker used to redo the work, rewrite the information, and make reports.

The Case


  • The Head of Field manages 30+ types of daily tasks and several numbers of field teams to accomplish them.

  • That made it hard to track the progress in the fulfillment of each task per worker, manage tasks for every team, or reassign priority tasks when was necessary.

  • They can't use in the field any technological solution because none works with low or zero internet connection. Because of this, they must use a traditional notepad to write all data gathered.

  • 2 hours spends every day by each fieldworker retyping on a computer the information collected during his workday and making reports for his bosses.


  • Implementing Eskuad's multiplatform made it possible to automate task management for teams working in the field through a platform adapted to their information flows, which works offline and synchronizes opportunistically.

  • They were able to better manage the workday task for each field worker and contractor, through the task management interface.

  • Eskuad's offline operation allowed them to use devices to input the data collected in the field where other systems could not offer a solution.

  • The opportunistic synchronization allowed them doesn't be worried to deliver reports on time, because our App sent them for them.

What our customers say

“Eskuad is easy to use for our whole team and has become our most valuable tool for field operations. It helped us eliminate paper, digitize our data, and reduce transcription errors. We also use it to measure and manage employee productivity, data quality, and the safety of our field operators.”

“Eskuad is a very user-friendly system. Having this system for collecting data and reports in an organized and easy-to-understand way is helpful in stressful times. It provides me with good information about the work carried out in the field. Whenever I use it, I can log in without any problems.”

“Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and allowed us to send information to our clients on time. It has allowed our field crew to reduce their reporting and processing time by 2/3 so they can spend their time focusing on the job instead, improving their productivity and mood.”