Improving Maintenance for Large Port Operations

How Agunsa used Eskuad to reduce equipment and machinery failures !


Company Overview

Agunsa is a large shipping operations company serving all of Chile as a port agent. They have been in Chile since 1960, and specialize in logistics and distribution services. They serve shipping companies, airlines, and administrate multiple ports and airports.

The Challenge

  • Extreme weather
  • Poor Connectivity
  • Laging Operational Efficiency
  • Slow Data Collection and Report Generation
  • Lost data due to paper forms
  • Delayed maintenance schedules

Life in the field is never easy. This is especially true for natural resource companies with field teams operating in extreme conditions due to distance, climate and connectivity. All of these take a toll on operational efficiency— especially data collection and report generation. 

The maintenance team is responsible for overseeing maintenance for their various locations around the country. Management needs to consistently manage and verify that preventive and corrective maintenance has been completed, and that the various field technicians and supervisors are complying with the reporting standards.

After meeting with Eskuad, it was determined that their main objective was to save money, save paperwork, and reduce the environmental impact by optimizing times and reducing machinery breakdowns that occur by not carrying out routine maintenance. The majority of these machinery failures are detected during operations and thus they lose a lot of time to avoid incidents.

The Solution

 They use the following Eskuad features as a part of their new workflow to optimize their operations. 
  • Easy integration with their systems through Eskuad’s API
  • Instant report generation
  • Easy form creation and customization 
  • Signature records for work orders
  • Facilitate and support fluid workflows
  • Cross platform compatibility: Available on both iOS and Android
  • Search and keep historical maintenance record

Digitizing their maintenance operations in the field has helped them keep track of the current status of work orders and led to a reduction in machinery failures. Better communication between operations has led to a decrease in incidents and thus a reduction in costs.

Now after implementing Eskuad it has helped them:

  • Perform better preventative maintenance of the machinery and equipment leading to a reduction in incidents
  • Increase delivery speed and operational efficiency
  • Improve communication between operations and maintenance teams.
  • Easily back up reports and data 
  • Easily create, update, and customize forms within the app. 
  • Teams are communicating and getting the information they need faster. This has made it easier for workers to focus on carrying out their work and for the maintenance teams to automatically know when to service various equipment and machinery.  

Incidents have decreased and the number of completed work orders has increased.  This is partly as a result of a reduction of 50% in time spent filling out forms. In addition, instead of receiving the maintenance reports once a week, management now gets them same-day. This allows them to stay on top of maintenance, with better data quality and timeliness. 


50% time savings

in filling out maintenance forms


7 days to same-day delivery

for reporting updates


Significant reduction in machinery failure

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