Ditch old paper forms &

Digitize your field operations

Eskuad is a mobile-first data platform built specifically for field operations.

Interested in learning more? We can easily get you started whether you work directly in the field or setup and manage field ops tools and software. 

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Digitize your operations

Features designed for the field

  • Build Forms

  • Enter Data

  • Manage Tasks and Teams

  • Work Cross-platform

  • World-Class Offline Function

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Easily create and build forms

The Eskuad app allows you to easily build and create any type of form you need. We give you all the features you need packaged in a user friendly design so you can create both simple and complex forms, directly from the field on your phone.

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Manual and Automatic Data Entry

Make filling out and collecting data in the field easier. With Eskuad you can collect data automatically, make the job easier and reducing errors. Data can also be entered manually, and we make it easy regardless of the conditions and equipment you work with. Not to mention our app is designed to work offline so you can be sure your data will always be there and available to sync. And after you collect and record all the information you need Eskuad can automatically generate a report for you to share with all stakeholders. 

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Easily keep track of work

Whether you are working alone or with your team keeping track of work in the field can be difficult. We make it easy to keep track of tasks and work order, so you can easily plan or coordinate with your team. Everything is updated and synced automatically so you can spend less time and effort and reduce errors caused by miscommunication. 

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Work from Mobile or Desktop

Eskuad provides apps for both iPhone and Android as well as a Web App so you can access your data anywhere. Regardless of the devices used across your teams you'll be able to  build forms, collect and sync data, and coordinate work. Our web app makes it easy for team member who work from the office to stay in contact with field operations and gain real time visibility. From the web app you can also access our API's and integrations that make it easy to connect the data you collect in Eskuad to any other system you may have. 

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Use MagiksyncTM    to stay connected

Using Eskuad's unique syncing capability, MagiksyncTM ,  field workers don’t need to worry about signal quality or operating in airplane mode anymore. Eskuad just works, any where in any condition. Learn more here.

How will you use Eskuad?

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In the Field

Transform the way you work in the field - whether you operate by yourself or with a team. Easily organize your work, collect data, and generate reports. You will always stay in sync, regardless of the conditions.

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In the Office

Gain instant realtime visibility into your field operations and communicate easily with field teams. After the job is done, streamline analysis and predict future operations. 

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Hear and learn from our customers

Learn how our customers are saving 20% in operational costs and getting reports delivered 20x faster

Eskuad has become our most valuable tool for field operations. It’s easy to use for the whole team, and has helped us eliminate paper, digitize our data, and reduce transcription errors. We have used it to measure and manage the productivity, safety, and data of our field operators

Eskuad has simplified our administrative work and has made it easier to send information to our clients on time. Our field crews have reduced their reporting and processing time by 66% and have reported huge improvements in their productivity and mood.

Eskuad is the most user-friendly system. When work gets stressful, having an easy to use system for collecting data and reports in an organized way is very helpful. It helps me get the useful insights I need about the work carried out in the field.


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